Thursday, 9 April 2009

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Cleaning up the engine bay

There was a lot of dirt, rust and flakey paint which i intended to remove using a wire brush cup on the grinder
But I think I may have got a bit carried away !!!!!!!!
I may have to buy one of those dremmel things to get into all the little corners

It was horrible in there

Really horrible

Engine and box out

We have lift off
In the interest of fiscal harmony and because the original engine is not going back in I decided to take off the head and sump

And drop the engine out through the bottom, saving on engine crane hire

Hmmm, Laycock clutch, and still good !

Jasmin on her way home on the M6
A frame towing device, £120 very well spent

Spares car which boasts a TR5 based 180 bhp engine, this will finish up in Jasmin along with the A type O/D box

Blowing the tyres up

Jasmin about to be removed from her resting place of three years


Hello & welcome to my blog
I have owned far to many Triumphs over the years But now I am down to one,
She is a 1968 triumph 2000 estate called Jasmin, I bought the car about 13 years ago but I have never actually driven it on the road
I did all the major welding when i first aquired the car, Inner sills, outer sills and membranes, front wheel arches, front and rear valances, outriggers and boot floor all either repaired or replaced, the paint was laid on at this point by my good friend and ex employer Dave pearson.
At this point all work stopped for one reason or another and jasmin spent the next 10 years being moved about from one place of storage to another, she is now home where she belongs and i've started work again.